And the unlucky in love lady set to be the next Bachelorette is…

*according to leaks* None other than ex-Bachie contestant, Renee Barrett.

So Dramatic! Podcast host Megan Pusetto has shared that she has it on good authority that sweet Renee is next years Bachelorette.

During a recent episode she said, “Renee is moving to Melbourne next year with her bff Sam Royce and when I inquired more into this, I discovered that this was because she was in the final stages to be our Bachelorette.”

Renee said that she got this information from Renee’s friends, where one shared, “‘yes she is in talks to be the Bachelorette, she’s in the final stages of contract negotiations. It’s all very exciting.’”


The same friend said the reason Renee was chosen, was because she was so unlucky in love on Paradise this year.

How do you feel about this casting choice? After a poorly rated season with Elly & Becky Miles, perhaps it’s time to stop recycling past contestants and start fresh?