The TV show that is polarising opinions doesn’t look to be slowing down, with our biggest hint yet that season three will happen. 

It seems that the high school used for 13 Reasons Why has been booked out for further filming of the controversial show. 

The Sonoma West Times reports that the secondary school used in filming has approved their third licensing agreement with Paramount Pictures, allowing the production company to again film at Sebastopol High School. 

“Production would take place later than previous years, starting in mid-June and ending by mid-December,” the news site reported.  


While the series has attracted a lot of attention – both positive and negative – we are eager to see how the plot continues to unfold after the cliffhanger ending to season two. 

Whether you love or hate the series, it has undoubtedly opened up a dialogue about mental health, drug abuse, sexual assault and gun control, especially with teens and young adults. 

One main point of difference in season three – presuming it does in fact go ahead – is the departure from the story line of Hannah Baker who has been one of the titular characters in the first two seasons. 


13 Reasons Why is spurred on by the events before, during and after the suicide of Baker (played by Aussie actress Katherine Langford) both the ripple effect and subsequent consequences.

Langford posted an emotional ‘goodbye’ to her character on social media this week. 

This news is especially important in relation to the narrative of suicide – and has been a main talking point after the character was seen throughout the first two seasons. 

Readers seeking support and information about suicide prevention can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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