Oh man!

We now know why The Honey Badger bailed overseas just in time for the final two episodes of his series of The Bachelor to air.

What drama!

And it seems the drama is only beginning.

While his two rejected love interests Britt and Soph are doing the media rounds this morning, Nick’s final grilling is yet to come.

In fact, he is only participating in ONE interview with Lisa Wilkinson on The Sunday Project (bit of a cop out if you ask us!).

But the preview has us on the edge of our seats.


Not only are they speaking to Nick and asking the hard questions – like why did you go on the Bach if you weren’t ready for a relationship – but they have some of his favourite ladies in for a chat as well.

Including fan-favourite Brooke!

Expect tears. Expect drama. This Bachelor season won’t fade off into the distance just yet.