This morning we found out Jackie’s big news with the exciting announcement that she would be heading back to TV as a panelist on Network Ten’s new talent show, The Masked Singer.

And she’s not the only big name signed on either! Jackie will be joined by Dannii Minogue, Dave Hughes and the one and only Lindsay Lohan.

The show will see 12 celebrities take the stage, hidden beneath some pretty odd masks and disguises.

The panelists, along with everyone at home, will work as musical detectives to try and work out who is behind each mask based on the sound of their voice and various clues.

But it turns out, that it might not just be the masked singers that will perform on the show! Lindsay herself might actually dust off the microphone and drop a tune of her own!


Lindsay Lohan joined Kyle and Jackie O on the show this morning to chat about being a panelist alongside Jackie, when she revealed that she had a second surprise involving her new music.

“I’m so excited… and I have a surprise for you guys on the show that you’re not aware of yet,” Lindsay told us.

“About my new song.”

“Oh! You’re going to be bringing your new song?” Jackie asked. “Will you be performing it on the show?”

“Well we’ll discuss that when I see you,” Lindsay added. “We’ll do it with your show first.”

Ooohhh how exciting! And thanks for giving us the exclusive Lindsay!


Lindsay and Jackie also spoke about how excited they were to be working together on The Masked Singer. But as it turns out, it’s going to be a LOT of work for Lindsay!

“I don’t know what celebrities are going to be behind the mask, I’m assuming a lot of them will be Australian, and Lindsay doesn’t know Australian celebrities, but she has to guess” Jackie explained.

“So apparently they’re putting her through an Australian celebrity bootcamp! She has to study all the Australian celebrities from the 70s until now,” Jackie laughed.

Better get studying Lindsay! Thanks to reality TV we have a LOT of people that could be hidden under those masks!

Hear our full chat with Lindsay Lohan about The Masked Singer in the video above!

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