You Won’t Believe What Gordo From The Lizzie McGuire Movie Looks Like Now…

Gordo, everyone’s favourite friend-zoned BFF from The Lizzie McGuire movie is a VERY different now!

After nearly 15 years since our selfish, sassy yet seriously relatable gal pal Lizzie McGuire debuted on the Disney channel, the on screen childhood sweethearts have almost been forgotten! 

Gordo (Adam Lamberg) is now thirty and has featured in a couple of indie movies however since deleting his social media accounts and took a break from acting, no one really knows what he’s up to! 

In fact, he has fallen off the radar SO badly that Google has started using pictures of Adam Lambert when you search for him!! 


However, fear not! Thanks to some serious die-hard Adam Lamberg fans, we’ve been able to track him down! 

He has been studying geography at UC Berkely and now works as a Development Associate for New York’s Irish Arts Centre… something Gordo would probably be doing too (if he was real of course)!! 


Additionally, a Tumblr chat last year confirmed that he is VERY happy: 

“Life is fantastic, though I constantly have too much time on my hands and am constantly struggling to find intriguing and creative ways with which to fill it. Other than that, very little to complain about… (Who am I kidding? I’m a New Yorker. We love to complain.)”

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