With the first episode a complete success last night, we’re all highly anticipating round 2 tonight!

But Locky’s ex-girlfriend has come out of the woodworks, Jordan Cayless from Love Island, saying some unsavoury things about the man.

Interviewing with New Idea Jordan revealed she doesn’t think Locky is there for the right reason!


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“I don’t believe it. Obviously you have genuine feelings and you’re in a bubble on the show, but no, I don’t think he will end up married with kids with this person on The Bachelor,” Cayless admitted to the publication.

Jordan and Locky were together for three years, so it wasn’t just a fling!


She goes on to say she reckons Locky is there to lift his business in Bali, if you didn’t know he owns an adventure touring company out there!

“I saw the ad where he says, ‘I’m the type of guy to get down on one knee’ and I thought, Yeah, you will – for the publicity and the ratings!” she re-instated.


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