On November 2nd 1999 Max Burt lived through a horrific accident that left him with severe head injuries resulting in an inability to walk, talk or balance as he once could.

Today Max is in a wheelchair permanently with partial paralysis of his left side, tremors in his right arm as well as speech, sight, and hearing impairment.

But does that stop him from trying to change the world?

Absolutely not.

He’s created a charity WheelEasy.org which is a website that helps identify accessible venues and locations in major cities!

It’s a super simple process using a traffic light system to measure accessibility; GREEN = ACCESSIBLE, YELLOW = PARTIALLY ACCESSIBLE, RED = INACCESSIBLE.

Check out Wheel Easy here and help contribute to the map yourself!


Kyle & Jackie O teamed up with LG to give Max 20k worth of LG home goods to help life get a bit easier but Max, who has the soul of an angel, turned it on everyone’s heads!

Tune in below to hear what went down.

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