Abigail Breslin was the little girl we all loved and remembered as Olive Hoover from Little Miss Sunshine. With round glasses, the longest ponytail you have ever seen and some questionable dance moves to the song ‘Super Freak’, that’s how we remember her. 

However now, having turned 18 last year, she is all grown up and stepping out looking like a woman.

Abigail is about to feature in her first TV role in Scream Queens. Having started off as Mel Gibsons daughter in ‘Signs’ at age 5, Abigail has always focussed her career on films. 

She said, “Film is always going to be my first passion. I love making movies. But I feel like TV is so much where it’s at right now. The quality of TV that you have right now—it’s almost on the same level as movies, if not better,” says Breslin.

Abigail will be acting alongside co-stars Lea Michele, Emma Roberts and Ariana Grande. 


The rising star was also brought to our attention last year when she wrote this song about Michael from 5 Seconds Of Summer.

As much as we want to hold onto that little girl, we can’t deny that she is a woman now. 

Can’t wait to see what you do next Abigail. 

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