It’s fair to say that the Coles Little Shop collectable items are hot property out there on the supermarket scene at the moment with people willing to do just about anything to get their hands on every single one of the items.

And well, today Kyle decided to test that theory and see just how far people would be willing to go to collect them all.

In case you’re not caught up on the trend just yet, Coles Little Shop collectables are a new promotion that sees shoppers gifted with miniature versions of grocery items such as Tim Tams, dishwashing tablets and Nescafe Gold, every time they spend $30 at the store, with thirty of the tiny plastic goods available to collect.

And for some unknown reason people are going absolutely crazy for them with many desperately trying to swap the items online or purchase the extremely rare items for big bucks.

Kyle, being the giving person that he is, decided to try and help out his listeners with their Little Shop quests by offering up his own items to them. However, it wouldn’t come at a small price and they would have to provide him with something in return.

“Today we’re doing Kyle’s Big Shop where I’ve got every one of the Coles Little Shop things, every one, and I want to swap you guys them for real big things,” explained Kyle.

And so Kyle’s Big Shop was born. Kyle assumed that the segment would run relatively smoothly with people calling up to offer him something extravagant in exchange for a piece from his Little Shop set.


It was a win, win situation! Or so he thought…

Everything started out fine with the first listener offering up her beautiful pet horse in exchange for the mini Tim Tams. Kyle accepted this trade but it was from here that he started to get a taste for his own collectible obsession and he became a tad greedy.

He rejected an ex-royal chef who offered him a royal recipe, a piano, a deluxe car wash and even a rooster!

Kyle wanted much more extravagant things offered up to him! And so that’s exactly what happened but as it turns out our listeners aren’t really as trustworthy as Kyle had thought!

While some of them offered up the big ticket items that he was after such as an aeroplane, a jet ski, a Lamborghini and even a french bulldog pup, it turns out that these listeners were just stitching him up! And my goodness was Kyle PISSED!!

Caller after caller would get his hopes up with something he REALLY wanted and just when he was about to accept the trade for his mini bananas or mini Lipton teabags they would say, ‘Only Lying!’.


In the end, Kyle’s Big Shop was an almighty fail, with Kyle only walking away with a horse , a coffin and of course a VERY bad mood!

Watch Kyle go ape sh*t on our listeners when he realised that they were just trolling him in the video above!

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