By now, if you’re living in or around the Sydney region, you should’ve heard of the legend surrounding the Panther that supposedly lives in the Blue Mountains.

Over the year’s there have been many sightings of the exotic creature but no one has been able to come up with a definitive explanation as to how the pitch black Panther made it into the Australian bush.

After all, while the large cat might be found roaming in the wild over somewhere like Asia or Africa, it’s not the sort of animal you would imagine hanging out with the kangaroos and Koala’s here down under.

However, one of our listeners called up today to tell Kyle and Jackie O their theory as to how the panther wound up in the area and it’s actually kind of plausible.

While we’ve heard rumours in the past that the panther may have escaped from a circus or a private zoo, there’s never been any hard evidence that panthers were ever at such a facility let alone managed to escape. But listener Anja reckons that she did seepPanthers a number of years ago on the set of a film in Camden, south-west of Sydney.


“I think I’ve uncovered the mystery,” said Anja. “About 18-years-ago they were filming George Of The Jungle in Australia. They were filming up in Queensland…but some aspects of it was being filmed in Camden.

“I got to go on set…and on a property where they were filming second and third unit they had all these exotic animals and I go to play with a mountain lion…and I got to play with the baby cub lions and tigers. But out the back…was an enclosure and it was filled with a couple of Black panthers.”

So this information could explain how the Panther made it to Australia. But one thing that people have never really been able to work out is, if people have in fact spotted the Panther in the wild, why has no one been hurt by it? Anja had an answer.

“They were trained, like all the animals on the property were trained to be in movies,” she said. “And that’s why it hasn’t attacked anyone.”

Of course there was never any proof that the Panther’s on this movie set escaped but Anja said that most people wouldn’t have even known that they were there to begin with as you wouldn’t have known that anything was there from the street.

Therefore it wouldn’t have been difficult for the people working on the movie to keep it quiet if the animals had in fact escaped!


Both Kyle and Jackie O thought that was a good theory! After all it’s the most information we’ve ever really heard about the legend.

What do you think? Could the Black Panther be an escapee from a movie set or do you think it’s just a figment of people’s imagination?

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