When it comes to blind dates, it’s either going to be a hit or a miss. And for one of our poor listeners Rachael, hers was most DEFINITELY a miss! In fact, we would have to describe this as the worst blind date in history.

Rachel called up Kyle and Jackie O during last calls to tell us about the date that she described as her “Sunday night disaster blind date” and we have to say while we felt incredibly sorry for Rach, it was the FUNNIEST story we’d heard in a long time.

Basically what happened is that Rachael’s friend (we have to wonder if they’re still friend’s after this..?) told her that she just had to go out with this guy Aldo.

When Rachel finally agreed, Aldo picked her up on Sunday night in his Nissan Skyline, took her for a 30 minute meal at a pizza joint that he made her pay for, and if that doesn’t sound bad enough, things actually just got progressively worse from there.

What Rachael didn’t know at the time that she agreed to the date was that Aldo was much younger than her. In fact, Aldo was only 23-years-old while Rachael is 40! That’s the things about blind dates; you never really know what you’re in for and poor Rachael was definitely not prepared for Aldo’s immature behaviour.


On the way home from the pizza joint, Aldo expressed that he could really go for some hotdogs and so they pulled over into a 7 Eleven. This is where things went from bad, to much, much worse and resulted in Aldo kicking Rachael out of his car!!

Find out how this terrible date ended in the video above. And let’s just say, it had something to do with Aldo’s hotdog…

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