Late last night Kyle received a very strange and angry text message from a number that wasn’t in his contacts. Clearly it was a case of someone texting the wrong number which let’s be honest does happen a lot, but this poor soul just happened to text one of the top people in radio, Kyle Sandilands.

And so of course Kyle read the text aloud on air this morning. The message said, “You need to start paying what you owe or I will get child support to put a no departure on you this is all you own doing you were such a good kid then you turned rotten just pay what your suppose to [sic]”.

Not a message that anyone would really like to receive right? But obviously whoever had sent this must be going through something tough and so Kyle decided that they should call the number live on air and find out who the message was actually meant for.

But to both Kyle and Jackie’s surprise, the number was recognised in our system as a listener who had called our show once before. And what happened next was truly unbelievable. It was as though it was fate in play when the text reached Kyle.

See the full story in the video above.

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