The Aussie farmer’s have no doubt been thinking ‘What About Me’ at the moment with our nation experiencing one of the worst droughts in decades, leaving a major strain on those working on the land in rural areas.

And while we can’t really do much to make it rain, we can do something that Australia does best, and that’s rally together and help out our mates.

Australia has been lending a helping hand to our farmers in recent times with numerous funds set up to help raise money and ease the stress for those doing it tough. And now Aussie legend Shannon Noll has decided to join in on the fundraising efforts.

The singer has dropped a new song called ‘Lean On Me’ and he told Kyle and Jackie O that the sole purpose of creating this new track was to help provide funds to the Aussie farmers in need.

“The whole thing, one hundred percent of the profits goes to Drought Angels who are doing some terrific work for rural families and farmers.”


Kyle was a tad shocked that Shannon had put in all of the hard work to create the song and wouldn’t be receiving any money for it himself, but Nollsie explained that that’s just the way he is and he doesn’t like to see anyone doing it tough.

“Hopefully we can make a difference with this one mate,” he continued. “They need our help at the moment you know so just trying to do a little bit for them.”

And not only was Lean On Me created out of the goodness of Nollsie’s heart, but it’s actually an awesome tune! Eat your heart out ‘Lift’!

The song can be downloaded from all digital platforms NOW! Take a listen to it for yourself below.


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