We all know that Jackie’s got her twerking down pat having demonstrated her sick dance skills on air to us many times, but now we know she’s got the ability to throw down the beats for a twerk-worthy track too!

Think Iggy Azaelia’s tune Bounce – only a bit more pop-urban – and you’ll get Jackie’s new hot single ‘Honey Money’.

If you’re wondering why on earth Jackie O the radio show host has gone and dropped a track on the music scene, it’s all because of a little dare that Kyle propositioned her with.

One day on air Jackie made an off the cuff comment about how easy it would actually be to write a hit song. Kyle saw this as a little bit of a challenge and decided to make Jackie write and record her own pop single – ya know if it’s so easy and everything.

Of course Kyle must’ve assumed that it was going to be more of a joke than anything, and we guess a bit of a fail, but the end result was FAR from it! And Jackie proved to everyone on air this morning that she could easily become the next pop princess if she really wanted to!

When it came time to play the song on air this morning, we first we heard some clips from Jackie’s rehearsals with our audio producer Kian. And it was a bit, shall we say messy? Jackie was clearly nervous…

But she had no reason to be! When it came to playing the actual song ‘Honey Money’ everyone in the office stopped in their tracks and got up dancing! It’s that sort of tune that just makes you want to get down and dirty in the club!


And well our listeners seemed to agree! We had so many people calling up afterwards to compliment Jackie on her sultry tunes and insane lyrics (along with Kian’s sick rapping which featured on the track).

We even had a DJ tell us that he was DEFINITELY going to be playing the song during one of his sets on Saturday night! And well, if that’s not a success we don’t know what is!

Hear Jackie’s hit new song ‘Honey Money’ in the video above, or if you want to play it on repeat you can listen to the tune on here!

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