Lindsay Lohan has hit back at comments that one of The Masked Singer contestants has made about her behaviour on set, telling her side to the story on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning.

Earlier this week on Channel 10’s hit new show we saw the Rhino unmasked and revealed to be Aussie rugby player Wendell Sailor.

Following his elimination, Wendell joined Kyle and Jackie O to chat about his time on the show, when he revealed that he had trouble being in his costume for long periods of time because of his claustrophobia.

Wendell also claimed that before his last performance as the Rhino, he had to wait around because Lindsay Lohan had requested a food break, which in turn created headlines about Lindsay’s rumoured “diva behaviour” in the Aussie media.

“I was at the back and I was waiting to sort of come out and it was about a minute before I had to perform and they said, ‘Oh Lindsay’s hungry and she’s going to have a break’,” Wendell claimed. “It was like an hour break.”


Lindsay has since come out to tell her side of the story, explaining that this version of events had been completely exaggerated.

“I think there were some things that were said that really weren’t a part of what’s happening really on the show,” Lindsay said to Kyle and Jackie O this morning.

“What really happened was, is that none of us had had anything to eat for a very long period of time… and everyone needed to eat real food.”

“Yeah because we’d been going all day,” Jackie added.

As anyone in the workforce knows, breaks are a mandatory part of your working day. And so Lindsay decided to ask the producers if all of the panelists, not just her, could have a quick break to refuel.


“I was like, ‘Jackie, do you want me to like get up and go tell them that we have to have our 30 minute break’. Because legally we have to have a break,” Lindsay explained.

“And so I got up and I said, ‘We need to eat’. And we had 15 minutes to eat.”

“Yeah we never had an hour to eat,” Jackie said.

Lindsay also added that she was disappointed to see some of the negative headlines that had been written following Wendell’s claims, saying she couldn’t believe that people were turning such a positive experience into something negative.

“People want to find the negative for no reason,” Lindsay told us. “And there was only positive. And that makes people angry. You know, there’s nothing negative about it so just be happy. We had a great time and it was a really cool experience.”

In fact, Lindsay enjoyed her time her in Australia so much that she told us that she’ll actually be coming back Down Under in February next year! We can’t wait to have you back Lindsay!


The Masked Singer continues Monday night from 7:30PM on Channel 10!

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