It seems the only time we hear about Lindsay Lohan these days is when she posts to Instagram.

It’s a far cry from her Mean Girls days.

However, here we are once again talking about Lindsay. And yes, she did post to Instagram.

The former child star, who turned 30 in July, appears to have had some kind of epiphany when it comes to aging.

At least that’s what we’re making of her bizarre message.

Topless and staring into the camera, Lindsay wrote that she was taking a look at her own wrinkles.


“It’s about that time to recognise gravity is taking over my upper half (or so to speak),” she shared.

“When you get home. Sit down. Analyse your future & see the wrinkles.”

So, does that mean she’s accepting the aging process?

Or should we expect to see another Instagram post plugging an anti-wrinkle cream…

Obviously this shirt doesn’t apply to us!

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