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Could this work?  Lily Allen is calling for an end to the comments sections of celebrity websites in a bid to end online bullying.

The outspoken singer often gets involved in internet spats with her critics and has to frequently deal with torrents of abusive remarks about her music and appearance.

Allen is adamant she no longer even looks at the comments left by readers (although it seems us Aussies have been pretty good so far).

But she is now urging the owners of celebrity gossip sites to take down their comment boards and put a stop to the harassment.

“I don’t find it difficult to deal with. I just don’t read it any more, I don’t Google myself,” the Smile songwriter tells British magazine Notebook.


“Why else would a website have a comments section if it wasn’t for people to be horrible? It doesn’t serve any other purpose, and it’s not something I want to be part of…

“I don’t care about it for me as a person. I care about mankind and the future, about the world my kids have been brought into. I hate that culture and I hope it stops. I’m sure people will get bored but it’s what they seem to like now.”

So, do you think it could work or do people just need to practice being kind?

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