Lily Allen has so much going on at the moment with her new album, the announcement of her 2019 tour in Australia and of course the upcoming release of her tell all book.

But instead of the focus being on the singer’s music, everyone has been completely hung up on some of the salacious secrets that have been leaked about the contents of her book.

Of course, one of the best things about Lily is that she’s very open and doesn’t shy away from the tough topics, and so when it was revealed that her book would delve into her marriage break down and the fact that she allegedly slept with female escorts, she was more than happy to explain further.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Lily was asked her about the rumours and why she had turned to female escorts when her marriage began to fail. She told us that she just didn’t feel like she wanted the company of men at the time.

“There’s something a bit sensual about it,” explained Lily. “I mean I can’t explain it. I didn’t want male company at the time.”

Lily said that she slept with the female escorts while she was still married. She told us that she knew that she had been cheating but that she just felt like she needed company during the tough period in her life.

“I was actually, you know, married, I had a husband,” she continued. “I mean I was cheating, but I felt like, I don’t know, I can’t explain it. Speak to my shrink. I wanted company.”


Lily explained that if we wanted to know more we’d have to read her book because it’s all detailed in there. But as for her relationship breakdown, she told us that the media played a part in ending her marriage in a way.

“I’m an overshareer but what I do get annoyed with is when people make it up,” she said when speaking about life in the spotlight. “Actually I remember like before things started going wrong for me and Sam I was reading about our marriage being over when actually it wasn’t.

“And it kind of is a little bit like self perpetuating I think sometimes because when people write those things about you then people around you believe that stuff is true…but then it kind of become real.”

If you want to read more about Lily Allen’s life, her book My Thoughts Exactly will be released in October this year.

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