Don’t you think that a selfless person with a good heart makes them 100% more attractive?

So with that being the case, former One Direction band member Liam Payne is literally off the charts when it comes to his attractiveness! Not only is he an absolute hottie (Just google Liam Payne Hugo Boss… trust us) but he’s god a really big heart.

And he’s proved as much by doing his bit to try and help out those who might be struggling throughout this coronavirus pandemic.

The UK, where Liam lives, has been hit pretty hard by the coronavirus and so he actually donated more than 350,000 meals to those in need, proving that he truly is a top guy.

And what’s even better? He’s completely humble about it.


“Liam you’ve been great, you donated over 350,000 meals to people who were struggling during this. That’s very kind of you,” Jackie said to Liam this morning.

“Yeah I mean you know at first thought, it was kind of like, I don’t know if you guys saw any of the news but shopping over here was super crazy,’ Liam told us.

“It was kind of a thought that even for us to get into a cue or line to shop was a lot so imagine the people who can’t get food usually. And I just think it’s one of the things that we take fro granted and at this point we were going through that for the first time.

“So I just thought, what way can I help out as quick as possible and that was it.”

A man with a heart of gold!

Liam is also doing his bit to help stop the spread of coronavirus by staying at home, telling us that he’s been isolating for about two months now.


“I’ve been in lockdown for just under two months,” Liam said. “It’s getting a lot over here. I was quite early on the lockdown and then we got locked down when we had already locked ourselves down so I didn’t really plan ahead.”

At least in lockdown Liam has plenty of time to work on new music! Or you know, that One Direction reunion!

Hear our full chat with Liam Payne and Alesso in the podcast below!