Liam Payne might sing about stripping it down but we don’t think he actually meant to physically do so himself on social media for everyone to see.

You might remember about a month ago that the former One Direction member uploaded a rather racy pic to his Instagram story before swiftly deleting it moments later.

But not before some seriously quick fans out of his 17.6 million followers could snap a screenshot!

The picture in question showed Liam in bed showing off his rather muscular physique while pulling down the sheets just low enough to be a tease, but not so low that we could see his ugh, bits.

While is face wasn’t actually in shot, fans immediately knew that it was in fact the ‘Strip That Down’ singer due to the tattoos that were visible on his arm.

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Until now, Liam had never addressed the social media blunder but of course many of us assumed that the shot was meant to be a private DM to someone rather than something public for the whole world to see.

But speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Liam finally cleared up what actually happened with the cheeky photo.

“It’s like you were going to take a nude selfie and maybe you were going to DM it to someone and it accidentally uploaded to everyone else,” Jackie said to Liam. “Because it got deleted very quickly!”

“You know what I’m going to clear this one up because I haven’t really cleared it up yet,” Liam replied.

And according to him, the whole thing was actually quite innocent.

“So I like the filters on Instagram, I think the filters are very useful,” he told us. “Now, if you’re not careful and you’re filtering something that wasn’t meant for the story and you click the wrong button, that’s the kind of thing that tends to happen.”


“I mean I literally have never been more afraid in my life because when it posted I couldn’t remember what was in it,” Liam added.

“I was thinking like, what level of bad have we gotten to?.. I mean, it’s nothing that anybody hasn’t seen before actually so it’s not that big of a drama but could’ve been a hell of a lot worse.”

True, there’s tons of shirtless pics of Liam out there! (And keep them coming please…)

Hear more from our chat with Liam Payne in the special podcast below!



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