A LOT has changed in the 2 and a half years since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth ended their engagement. 

The ex-lovers have truly gone their own ways: Hemsworth is now a Hollywood Heartthrob and Miley Cyrus became an absolute wild child. 

Hemsworth recently opened up in Men’s Fitness saying “You fall in love with who you fall in love with; you can never choose. I guess some people just come with a little more baggage” he said, laughing. 

“I mean, look – we were together five years, so I don’t think those feelings will ever change. And that’s good because that proves to me that it was real. It wasn’t just a fling. It really was an important part of my life and always will be. She’s a free spirit. I think she’ll always surprise people with what she does, but she’s not a malicious person in any way. She’s a young girl who wants to do what she wants to do.” 

(Ex-boyfriend GOALS!! Am I right?)

Hemsworth also revealed that he isn’t dating anyone at the moment. 

“Dating’s really difficult. I’m constantly travelling and I don’t go out to clubs or anything like that. I have a great small group of friends in my life, but I barely ever meet anyone new. It’s tough to have a relationship in this industry though not to the point where it makes me depressed. I’m constantly working and I love working. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything at this point – I feel like I’m focusing on the right things and prioritizing things in the right way and I’m a healthy, happy person”. 


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Source: Cosmopolitan

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