Lenny Kravitz is known for many things. Being a singer, songwriter, actor and of course being the centre of a viral meme that’s now used all around the world.

We are of course talking about the meme created out of Lenny and his ginormous scarf. And if you haven’t used it before, then no doubt you will after today.

It’s basically the pinnacle of all memes for describing how cold you are or for reflecting the start of winter.

While celebs and their antics are turned into memes on the daily, we often wonder whether they actually see the memes themselves and what they think of them.

And so when the ‘Fly Away’ joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning we decided to ask him about it.


Turns out, Lenny knows all about the meme and he could recall the exact moment that the actual photo was taken.

“Have you seen that meme and what do you think of it?” Jackie asked this morning.

“I mean it’s quite funny because globally that thing is all over the place,” Lenny told us.

“That was a day that it was intensely cold in New York City and I went to the market to get some groceries having no idea that the paparazzi had followed me,” he continued.

“And it’s just funny how a moment like that turns into something but yes, Lenny Kravitz cold, yeah.”

It really is funny how such a normal thing like going to get the groceries could turn into a global phenomenon.


But of course a celeb can barely ever walk down the street without getting papped.

While you would think having the paps constantly on your tail could get very tiring, Lenny was quite chilled about it saying that it’s just something that comes with being a musician.

“Do you hate it when the paparazzi follow you around, or are you used to it?” Jackie asked.

“I mean you know, it is what it is. It’s part of the territory and everything comes with something in life,” Lenny replied.


“But it’s just funny because you can be caught in an off moment and you know, it ends up everywhere. You used to be able to walk the streets and you could be under cover but it’s obviously much more difficult today.”

Thank goodness we don’t have paps following us everyday… Just imagine rocking up to your local servo to grab a few necessities in your Ugg boots and PJ’s and getting papped. Instant meme!

Hear more from our chat with Lenny Kravitz in the podcast below!

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