You know how Kate Middleton and Prince Will were at the NBL this week and made headlines when they met Beyonce and Jay Z?

WELL. Turns out The King, LeBron James ALSO met them.

And he got excited and stuff.

A little too excited and stuff.

So much so, during a photo with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, he put his ARM AROUND KATE OMG.

Yep, seems pretty standard for us mortals.  But apparently this is a violation of royal protocol.


It seems old mate Lebron may not have realised, but you’re not meant to hug the royals.

The rule is a long-established – prohibiting anyone from kissing or touching members of the royal family.

As if it isn’t adorable enough that he was so affectionate with the royals, the gentle giant also offered them a jersey for Prince George, as well as cupcakes from his hometown in Akron, Ohio.


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Photos: Getty Images

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