A revealing email between The Bachelorette winner Taite Radley and a talent agent has been leaked. 

It appears The Bachelorette stars Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley are searching for a manager, after a leaked email “riddled with spelling mistakes” reveals how they have both been looking for talent representation. 

Obtained by The Daily Telegraph, Taite wants to “touch base” and explore talent representation opportunities following his latest getaway with Ali.


“Being both into Heath (sic) and fitness, we’re looking at getting some good management to help strengthen our brand… We are currently getting offers but are unsure how to handel (sic) them,” the leaked email reads. “He also boasts about the “2milion (sic) visits.”

The leak comes just one week after Ali and Taite were accused of faking their relationship to stay in the public eye. 



Many perceived the pair’s constant ‘loved up’ Instagram posts as a prime example of a publicity stunt, and isn’t representative of a genuine relationship.

A friend of Taite’s also publicly suggested that the couple’s relationship wasn’t real.

“Taite is only sticking around to get his Instagram numbers up and enjoy the perks of paid posts and free holidays,” they told New Idea. “As soon as that starts to dry up, he will be gone.”

Less than a month ago, a shocking text exchange between the Bachelorette winner and his former flame was also leaked, revealing his desire to find “reality show fame”. 

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