Last night’s episode of The Bachelor saw ‘villain’ Leah Costa kicked out of the house after Matty J accused her of not being ‘upfront’ about her past as a topless waitress. However, this morning, Leah called through and gave her side of the story.

As far as her past goes, Leah revealed that she ‘hardly knew the guy’ and ‘besides a few group dates she’d spent 10 minutes with the guy’, so didn’t feel the need to divulge her ‘dirty laundry’.

Jackie then asked her about the moment Matty’s sister was introduced, and it was revealed that she wanted to get to know the girls. Leah then ‘instantly’ started crying – and Jackie wanted to know why.

“That was a bit cut… so they stood there and they hugged and he said, ‘this is my sister, she’s my best friend’, my brother is my best friend, we live together and I was just so homesick.”


‘Oh, they made it out like you were crying because you knew your secret was about to come out.” Jackie said.

“No! I was SO homesick, my brother is my best friend, and you know, I hadn’t spoken to him in five weeks.”

The guys then asked Leah if Matty was her ‘cup of tea’ anyway. Her answer surprised everyone.


“Honestly, I think I was in love with Matty before I went in and then I was incredibly disappointed.” Jackie needed to know why.

“Everybody’s cut and edited to make it a certain way, and you know, Australia was cut and edited to fall in love with Matty.”

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