When Bachelor In Paradise first launched a series in Australia we were a little bit confused with how the show worked. But after watching the few episodes that have now aired we think we’ve got it down pat.

Get a date card – go on a date – form a connection – receive a rose – stay in paradise! Pretty simple right?

So of course if you were to receive one of the infamous date cards, you would think that you would be pretty excited about it. But apparently not in the case of Laurina Fleure who actually threw a fit and decided that she was going to leave the island after receiving a date card that said she had just ten minutes to choose a guy to take.

Footage from the show showed Laurina breaking down in front of a producer saying that it was too much pressure and she wanted to leave.

And while most of us watching last night thought it was an insane overreaction and didn’t really understand why she didn’t just choose a guy to hang out with for a few hours, Laurina spoke with Kyle and Jackie O this morning and explained that there was a lot more going on that led to her departure from paradise.

“To be honest guys it really just caught me off guard,” explained Laurina. “I’d been asking to have a shower and go to bed for sort of three hours.”

Okay we get that, ain’t nothing going to come between a girl and her sleep. But Laurina went on to say that she was actually dealing with a terrible loss at the time that was playing on her mind.


“I had actually lost my brother to suicide a month beforehand and I was suppressing a lot of emotional distraught about that and I think just getting a little bit upset about one thing opened up the flood gates.”

Laurina also posted an emotional tribute to her late brother on Instagram last night after the footage of her leaving the island was aired on television.

But even though Laurina explained that it was becoming very hard for her to open up while on the show, she told Kyle and Jackie that she has actually managed to find a partner since she stopped filming.

“I met a gorgeous man,” said Laurina. “I got everything I asked for, so I’m very blessed and very grateful.”


We’re happy that Laurina has moved on from men who buy her “dirty street pies” and who call her “Lenora” instead of Laurina, and she’s finally found love!

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