Is it Laurel or Yanny?

An audio clip posted to Twitter has us all confused, with many comparing it to the infamous ‘blue/gold’ dress post from 2015. 

The clip has been retweeted more than 95,000 times and more than 34,000 people have commented on the thread. Understandably, the internet is divided with half of users hearing ‘Laurel’, and the other half hearing ‘Yanny’. 

“Wait… I don’t get it. Is this a joke? It very clearly says “yanny” and in no way could it possibly be misheard as “laurel”…am I losing my mind?” Colleen Ballinger tweeted. “Okay once I sped it up I was able to hear Yanny but all I could hear was Laurel before,” replied another user. 


According to Google searches “Laurel” is winning the debate.

But it turns out there is a reason why we all hear something different. Lucky for us, Bruno explained the basic linguistics behind this great debate to Kyle and Jackie O, and we are super intrigued! Oh, and did we mention the it’s got a lot to do with hearing loss? Yep, you heard that right!

Check out the video above to find out what that infamous audio clip is actually saying! 

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