Lara Flynn Boyle is one of those women with dark hair and light eyes and that kind of smouldering look that men loved and women envied.

During her stints on Twin Peaks, The Practice and in flicks such as Men In Black, Lara was always the seductive, striking character that you couldn’t help but be drawn to.

These days however, she looks more than a little different.

Especially as she stepped out in L.A. to do some grocery shopping recently.


Still slim and youthful, it seems that her penchant for surgical enhancements has hindered her ability to age gracefully.

Many have been quick to point out that she’s ruined her features, however others have stuck up for the star, claiming that her changing face is simply due to surgery gone wrong.

In 2012, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn told Radar Online, ‘I suspect that she’s either undergone corrective surgery to reverse some of the work that was previously performed, or has just plain allowed the plumping fillers to dissipate, leaving her with sagging cheeks.’

Source: Daily Mail

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