Lady Gaga is one of those people that manages to be open with fans, but stay a little elusive at the same time.

She’s a good mix of mysterious and an ‘open book’ and it’s something her ‘Little Monsters’ both love and appreciate about her.

This morning she took over the Kyle and Jackie O and completely opened up to the guys.

She touched on her Thanksgiving plans, and revealed she’s hanging out with her family at her father’s restaurant, Joanne’s Trattoria in New York City.

“My middle name is Joanne and I’m named after my father’s sister who died when he was very young… she’s the centrepiece of our family.”


Got Joanne tattooed on my arm in her actual signature. My dad got one too. With an angel on his shoulder.

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‘It’s so special to be in Joanne’s restaurant on this day with my family.’

She spoke about how the ‘Joanne’ alter ago for her record is about growing into a woman, and is focused around this ‘goddess, American woman.’


‘Joanne is all about feeling good and putting about positivity and good vibes and loving each other.

The best way to get through a busy, hectic life is to be there for each other.’ She also spoke about her battle against cyber bullying.

Her mum helps run her ‘Born This Way’ foundation, which aims to educate people about the importance of kindness.

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