Not content with breaking the internet every time she releases a new Lip Kit shade/ formula/ product type, Kylie Jenner opened her first pop-up store in LA over the weekend.

And, to be completely honest, it looked like every Lip Kit fan’s dream; from colour co-ordinated shelves to plenty of merchandise other than beauty – sexy calendars and Kylie branded clothing, we’re looking at you – Kylie’s “vision” looked pretty frickin’ awesome.

Come see my lip kit wall TODAY at the Topanga Westfield Mall ❤️ #KYLIEPOPUP

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There were, however, strict rules for anyone who was lucky enough to step foot in the Topanga Westfield Mall in Canoga Park, reports PEOPLE

Wristbands has to be worn “at all times” in the store, no-one was allowed to sit in the line and there was a limit of three pieces “of any single product per person”.

But there was also a pretty strange – although pretty classic for King Kylie – video playing on a near-constant loop throughout the store, which was basically just footage of Kylie and Tyga writhing in bed together.


Maybe not appropriate for all the young, impressionable kids in-store, Kyl?

We can’t stop watching it. It’s mesmerising.

Like we said, classic Kylie.

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