The Kardashian clan have several distinctive traits that make them, well… Kardashian-y.

Jet black locks is one of them – and it’s a look adopted by all of them, except for Khloe, who’s been balayaged for like 27 years, and Kim’s brief brush with a blonde overhaul. Let’s not speak of that.

So now it seems that little sister Kylie has taken a leaf out of Kim’s book and gone blonde, albeit briefly.

@THELOVEMAGAZINE comin soooo👀n

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Recently Kylie posted a photo of herself (shock) to Instagram with MAJORLY big, burgundy coloured lips (double shock) and a head of golden blonde hair.

The image was reportedly all in the name of a shoot for The Love Magazine, and is apparently NOT the reality star’s new, permanent look.


All we can say is, PHEW! What do you think?