Tyga and Kylie have been together for quite a while now.

Ever since they were seen together at a huge house party a few months ago, the pair have been inseparable. So much so that Kendall is said to be upset that she doesn’t spend as much time with her sister anymore.

Well, the couple have taken their relationship to the next level, by getting a beautiful puppy together!

Tyga uploaded a photo to Instagram over the weekend introducing… ‘Rolly’! – a beautiful Merle Tri English bulldog!

Rolly 💲💲💲

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According to TMZ, the adorable puppy “showed up on their doorstep Thursday night with the help of Shrinkabulls.com. “This dog didn’t come cheap… $50K!!


We’re told it was given to them as a gift by Jeremy Greene – the CEO of PingTank – an app both helped launch to success.”

Oh – and that party they ‘crashed’ months ago was a PingTank party! Fancy that!

Check out the video of Kylie’s three miniature Italian greyhounds; Norman, Bambi and Sophie welcoming Rolly to the crew!


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Source: TheDissh

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