Kyle’s always the first to tell us all how much of a ladies man he used to be back in his single days.

And while we have no doubt that this was somewhat true, we also know to take Kyle’s stories with a grain of salt, as he’s known to be quite the exaggerator.

But when the stories come from someone else’s mouth, we can’t help but believe it!

Today Kyle was reminiscing about his old radio days back in Mackay with one of the news readers in the office, Jim Dolan.

Jim actually used to work with Kyle back in the day at the Queensland station and based on the story that he told us on the air today, there’s no doubting the fact that Kyle was an absolute STUD!

In fact, it seems that Kyle drove the ladies crazy, with Jim telling us that they actually caught some women breaking into the station!

“Jackie do you know that after Kyle was there, it’s the first time young ladies used to break into the station at night and roam through the building looking for him,” Jim revealed.


“Oh my god why?” Jackie asked kind of gobsmacked.

“I was quite popular,” Kyle added. “I was captain fantastic.”

Yep the girls would actually break in just to get to him! How crazy!

Check out the chat about Kyle’s radio past in the video above!

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