It was revealed during Jackie’s ‘O News’ that Karl and Jasmin Stefanovic had officially welcomed their baby girl – Harper May Stefanovic – into the world!

And it also came to light that Kyle and Jackie O sent two VERY, VERYYY different messages to Stefanovic in order to say congrats.

Jackie’s message was super wholesome and read: “just wanted to send my love to you guys and hope all is going well. This is such an exciting and beautiful time for you both – sending you lots of love and happiness. Love Jackie”.

Andddd then on the other hand we have Kyle’s message, which certainty lacked the maternal sensitivity of his counterpart.

“My spies tell me now is the time to say congratulations, your *** still works, probably ****** like shit but works nonetheless. Kisses to the family”, Kyle sent to the Today Show host.

The whole convo is hilarious and you should listen for yourself in the podcast below!

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