It’s fair to say that talkback radio listeners are not quite as crude as ours. So when Kyle was a guest on Ben Fordham’s 2GB radio show, there was always a risk of lines being crossed.

Kyle being Kyle, he let a dirty remark slip on air and it sent the whole station into panic mode.

It all went down after Ben offered up a pie for Kyle to taste test on the show. When Kyle noticed that the pie was a bit soggy, he made a not-so-charming comparison. 

“The whole thing’s like a bloody old man’s penis!” he blurted.

Caught completely off guard, Ben said “Excuse me?”

“What, you can’t say that here?” Kyle asked. 

“No, you can’t say that here.” Ben stressed. 

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God help me !

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Adamant he did nothing wrong, Kyle said “Get over it! You started to panic like you’re a little child!”

According to Kyle, everybody behind the scenes was equally flustered. 

Being live radio, the comment made it to air. But 2GB were determined to sweep it under the carpet and decided to remove that section of the interview from the audio that was published on their website and podcast.

Kyle clearly has no regrets about his words and proudly played back the uncensored audio on the show this morning! Check it out in the video below: