Clearly Kyle has already forgotten just how frustrated he got the last time we did this segment because he’s already keen to bring it back..

Kyle’s ‘Big Shop’ was an on air swap meet of sorts that saw people DESPERATE to get their hands on the full collection of the Coles Little Shop items call up to swap something valuable of their own for one of the tiny products.

While the premise of the idea was great at first, it ended up turning into a little bit of an ‘ONLY LYING!’ prank at Kyle’s expense, with people failing to actually give Kyle the items that they originally promised.

Which of course ended in Kyle basically abruptly ending the segment before it could even really start, with all of us thinking that it would disappear forever!


But with the news that Coles will be bringing back their Little Shop collectibles with a whole new variety of items to collect, it didn’t take much to convince Kyle to bring back his ‘Big Shop’ too.

“I’m just wondering if you knew what comes back on Wednesday Kyle,” said one of our listeners during first calls today. “It’s Coles Little Shop!”

“Coles Little Shop!” Kyle said with pure excitement, just like a little kid. “Remember how obsessed I got with that?”

Of course we do Kyle… In fact, this one listener wanted to know if he would become so obsessed this time round as to launch his ‘Big Shop’ again.

“I think I might!” he replied. “I will swap them the little things for real big things.”

Last time, despite the tricksters, Kyle did manage to get himself a beautiful horse for his farm! We wonder what he could get this time around as Coles introduces small versions of Moccona Coffee, Kleenex Wipes, A Gillette Shaver and even a Coles Credit Card!


Should we bring back Kyle’s ‘Big Shop’? Or will it just turn into a big mess like last time?

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