When it comes to pulling off pranks on the Kyle and Jackie O show, you can’t cut any corners.

After years of pranks back and forth, the set-up has to be elaborate and well thought out. Well, Kyle knows that better than anyone.

So this morning, in the second attempt to break Jackie’s diet for the office ‘Fat Club’ challenge, Kyle took things to the next level. He devised an entire FAKE O news story that said Tom Hiddleston had been photographed naked with his penis on show.

Jackie was shown the censored version and delivered the story in O news.

Then, the hash browns came in. The deal Kyle made, was that Jackie had to eat THREE hash browns, breaking her diet the day before weigh in, in order to see the uncensored version of the photo. It was a VERY tough choice.


In the end, they bargained that if she took a bite, she could see the ‘tip’.

But, she couldn’t go through with it – and spat it out. In the end, Kyle revealed the biggest kicker… “Only lying!

We photoshopped Zac Efron’s penis onto Tom’s body, the whole thing was fake!” “What?! So I did a WHOLE FAKE O news story?!” Jackie said.


“Yep, IMAGINE if you had of thrown eight down.”

Needless to say, she wasn’t happy…

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