We all know that Jackie has had a number one song on the music charts (honestly who could forget the whole debacle that was Honey Money) and now Kyle’s trying his hand in this music biz!

Only Kyle wasn’t singing. Nope, move over Kanye West because there’s a new rapper in town and his name is King Kyle!

Basically it all came about when Kyle and Jackie O were chatting about a song that everyone’s loving at the moment called ‘Pump It Up’ by Endor and they decided that it was missing something.

They thought that the song feels like it’s building up to this big moment that just never happens and gets a bit repetitive, which you know, isn’t hard when the only lyrics are “Don’t you know? Pump it up. You got to pump it up”.

So Kyle went away and decided that he could come up with a remixed version of the song that would make it a number one song.

Kyle even decided to step up to the microphone, throwing down his own rap verse, and after working with our audio producer Kian he thought he had a winner on his hands.

And you know what? We actually agree! The track turned out to be straight fire! Who knew Kyle could be so good at rapping?!


The song is so good that we reckon we should start a petition to get all the clubs to play it simultaneously on the night that they finally reopen because it’s the perfect party anthem! And a lot of our listeners agreed.

Don’t believe us? Hear it for yourself in the podcast below! And trust us, you won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing along!

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