You might have heard Kyle talking about this moment on air this morning – but trust us, that’s NOTHING compared to the footage we managed to get of the moment that Kyle absolutely STACKED IT!

It all went down on the roof during one of our ad breaks and just following the news that the Kyle and Jackie O Show had been ranked number 1 for FM breakfast once again.

Kyle and Jackie had been celebrating the good news, and in a moment of glee Kyle actually leant over to give co-host Jackie a hug.

But this one manoeuvre may have actually led to his downfall… And by that we mean an actual downfall! Poor Kyle seemed to trip over his own feet and he went crashing down in the most spectacular fall we’ve ever seen.

Now thankfully, not much happens around here without a camera rolling, so we’ve managed to secure the footage for your own entertainment (gosh we’re evil…But we love it!)

Check out the hilarious moment in the video above!