In an absolutely jaw-dropping moment tonight on Channel 10’s The Masked Singer, KYLE FREAKIN’ SANDILANDS was revealed to be under the guest MASK.

I don’t know about you but I didn’t see that coming in any universe I currently live in.


Paw Patrol has to be one of the most popular kids show on our screens right now and a giant-sized ‘Rubble’, blessed our screens.

But what clues did they use to describe Kyle?


“Am I a dog? You can’t judge me… that would be a turn around” – Something to do about his days judging Idol.

“Life is tough for everyone, we all have our troubles” – referencing his tougher childhood?

“Be careful what you say about me, day or night” – Kyle’s past troubles with the press?

“I love music, I love talented performers” – an obvious reference to his work in the music industry.

“…but do I love myself? I think I need a lawyer by my side.”

“I don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story”- We ALL know Kyle says what he means no matter what.


“Now I feel like chasing a car, something expensive of course” – Kyle’s love for Rolls Royces perhaps? Duh.

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