All week Kyle has been going on about his birthday this Sunday and day after day the gifts have been rolling in from our loyal listeners.

There’s been beautifully handwritten cards, some birthday money, a hand made shirt, and tons of food delivered to the studio to help Kyle celebrate.

And while all of these gifts were truly amazing, we’re afraid that the winner for best gift has to go to  Kyle’s brother, Chris Sandilands. In fact, this gift was so INCREDIBLE it’s just on a whole other playing field! 

Kyle was surprised to see his brother waltz, well not really waltz since he’s on crutches, okay he hobbled into the studio, during the middle of the show today and declared that he’d come prepared with something to help Kyle celebrate his big day.

“What do you buy for a guy that can buy whatever the hell he wants and has got nearly everything,” said Chris.


Well what you do is get creative. And that’s exactly what Chris did! He didn’t spend any money on the gift, but he certainly poured all of his heart and soul into it!

“Kian and I have mixed up a little tune for you,” explained Chris, referring to our Audio producer on the show. “I re-wrote a few lyrics of a song and let’s just see how it goes.”

Chris wrote and rapped some lyrics while Kian took care of the singing parts as they recreated the song ‘Juicy’ by Biggie Smalls and tailor made it to be all about Kyle! And we have to say, it’s actually incredibly catchy! Plus you’ll get a real laugh if you listen close enough to some of the lyrics.

Take a listen to the song for yourself and see just how Kyle reacted when he heard the song for himself in the video above!

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