We might still have a few more weeks to go on the current season of The Bachelor, but it’s starting to look more and more like Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins chooses absolutely NO ONE at the end of the show.

That’s right, there’s seven girls left, but we don’t reckon any of them will be able to escape the broken heart this time round, as a bunch of evidence points to the fact that Nick will leave the mansion solo.

Including a new, top secret, piece of info that Nick divulged to our very own Kyle the last time he was in studio!

Rumours first started circling that Nick would choose none of the women after he was spotted hanging out with random girls and a source told Woman’s Day that he was still hung up on his ex and wanted to win her back.

Adding fuel to the flame, Nick addressed the rumours on air the last time he was in studio with Kyle and Jackie O, and his answer was VERRRRRY suspicious.


“What I can say is um, is not a lot, but I’m bloody happy alright. I’m very happy so take what you will,” he said.

But now we’re just hearing this is not actually all Nick had to say about the matter! In fact, according to Kyle, Nick continued the conversation with him off air.

It all came up when we had James Weir in studio today to recap last night’s episode of The Bachelor. Jackie and James were discussing the fact that it really seems like Nick has lost interest in all of the girls when Kyle chimed in with a spot of gold.

“Can I tell you what he’s told me, off the air? Off the air he told me this,” confessed Kyle.

Of course everyone’s ears pricked up at this point as we waited for the smoking gun that Kyle appeared to have in the case of ‘Does The Bachelor Break Every Woman’s Heart On The Show’.

“Currently now, he’s with someone that he’s loved from the beginning,” continued Kyle.


Hooley dooley! Now of course that piece of juicy info could be read a number of different ways.

Nick could be referring to someone he’s loved from the very beginning of the show, e.g. one of the two front runners Brooke or Britney. BUT the only problem we see with this scenario is how could he have “loved” someone he barely knew.

So it’s also possible that he could be referring to Cass in this statement seeing as he knew her before going on the show. But of course, from the way we’re seeing it as the viewers, he’s just not that into poor Cass.

And so that brings us to option 3. Maybe when he says, from the “beginning” he means from even before the show! As in his EX! As in, the one he’s rumoured to have left all of the girls on the show for.

Of course, we can’t know for sure what he meant, but Jackie seemed to think this pointed even further to the fact that Nick chooses no one.

“Oh God, I reckon maybe he chooses no one,” she said. “At least he’d be staying true to himself, and I don’t get the kind of impression that he’s the kind of guy that would buckle under producer’s pressure.”


Guess we won’t know for sure until that final rose!

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