There are a lot of things that can get Kyle going on a rant during the show and often it’s something weird and whacky like the dust that’s collecting in the studio.

But today, Kyle’s rant actually happened during the middle of Jackie’s O News as she was telling a story about Rebel Wilson.

Rebel had been presenting the award for Top New Artist at the Billboard Music Awards yesterday when she started making some pretty cringeworthy jokes, pretending that she had just returned from the royal wedding.


Jackie was explaining the story when Kyle cut her off.

“I’m off her just quietly, just so everyone knows,” stated Kyle. “She’s a bit weird.” Who knew that Kyle had beef with Rebel?!

But apparently he does and it all goes back to an interview that the guys did with her a little while back.

Kyle explained that Rebel had been a friend of the show for a long time and they were happy to have her on for a chat. After all she’s typically a fun girl and always up for a good laugh.

But apparently during the interview Rebel started sh*t-canning a very famous family. And when the media over in America called her out on her comments, she turned the tables back on Kyle and Jackie!

“She got some bad press about that in America, and then she wrote us an abusive email saying it was our fault!” said Kyle. “I told her go ‘eff herself, don’t bother coming back on you mental.”


So who had Rebel been bitching about that started this whole feud with Kyle? Find out in the video above!

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