There’s no denying that Chris Brown has some pretty catchy tunes but it turns out that we might not actually have some of his new stuff if it hadn’t been for Kyle!

Kyle’s never shy about talking about the close and personal relationships that he has with some of the world’s biggest stars, and it turns out that he’s so tight with Chris Brown that he actually convinced him to start releasing new music again.

It all came about during the Birthday Wheel segment when Kyle had Chris Brown’s song Yeah 3x, released back in 2011, as his song for the listener to choose. It was then that he revealed that without his input, this song might’ve never been released.

“Everyone loves a comeback,” started Kyle. “What people don’t realise is that I met with Chris Brown after all of that, and I told him this is the song to bring back.”

Jackie couldn’t help but laugh at Kyle taking credit for Chris Brown’s success. After all Chris really is the one who pulled the creative hard yards in writing the song. But Kyle continued saying he deserves the credit.


“I am taking credit for it because he had all these other love songs, his RNB love songs, and I was like ‘Bro, really? Love songs?’ I don’t think it’s going to fly.”

Of course Chris Brown’s RNB songs are of course some of his best and most iconic tunes. I mean we had a dance party to ‘With You’ in studio just last week! But Kyle was adamant that with a comeback, you have to release a party song not a soppy song.

“I said, don’t put no RNB song out, you need to put this out because people will be dancing in the clubs, they’ll have no idea, and before they know it they’re dancing to you,” said Kyle.

So there you have it! If it weren’t for Kyle we wouldn’t know to say ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’ when we put our hands in the air! Thanks Kyle!

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