Jackie’s Instagram DM requests section really is mostly filled with messages from guys that think she’s hot and want to ask her out.

But this one guy sure knew how to stand out from the pack…

One fan, who has been known to send Jackie dirty messages on to her Instagram DMs before, decided to write a VERY dirty iso poem for her.

Of course, when Kyle managed to get his hands on the message, he was so shocked by it’s contents that he decided to read out the X-rated poem live on air for all of our listeners to hear.

And just a warning, this definitely isn’t one for the prudes out there!

The poem was basically a big declaration of what this guy would do to Jackie if they were stuck in self-isolation together. And well, we do have to give it up to the guy for being very creative and his rhyming skills were definitely on point.

Here’s how it started:


“Alone in iso can be hard Jackie, with no one around to rub your back-ie;

“So how about a little poem to lift your mood? A little bit sweet and a little bit rude;

“Close your eyes and imagine us there, just parading around in our underwear;

“Getting drunk on champagne, we’re both getting keen. It’s time for a game of let’s flick the bean;”

“Oh my god don’t, I’m blushing!” Jackie exclaimed as Kyle continued to read out the message aloud.

Listen to the full poem in the podcast below!


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