The other day Kyle made a surprising announcement about him and popular reality show Married At First Sight.

Kyle revealed on air that he had been approached to be part of the next season of the show, and not as a constant, but as an expert!

The revelation came after reports that some fans were calling for Kyle to replace current MAFS expert John Aiken, with Kyle telling his listeners that the production company asked his friend John Ibrahim whether Kyle would actually be interested in the role.

“He said, ‘Listen. I’ve had a friend from the production company reach out, pretty high up and say, would he do it and is he signed to Channel Seven?’. And I said, ‘No I’m not signed to Channel Seven and yeah, I would look at it’,” Kyle admitted.

“And they said, well look they love the way you and Jackie talk to the [MAFS] contestants… So they’ve thought maybe I should be the relationship expert on there.”

But as soon as Kyle admitted this, it seems that these fans of the idea disappeared and all of the haters started coming out.

While the idea got a few positive comments, it also triggered a lot of trolls, with Kyle choosing to expose the haters and read the comments out on air this morning.


“Oh they don’t want me on it. They’re not happy, they don’t want me on it,” Kyle said this morning. “And these are some of the comments.”

Kyle then read out some of the hate he’s since received online while giving his reaction to them at the same time.

“‘OMG they must be getting so desperate’. That’s a go at me right?” said Kyle.

“‘Rude, arrogant, I think I’ve made my final decision about MAFS for 2021. Won’t be watching it.’ Oh okay,” he continued.

“‘Hell no! I won’t watch that sh*t’ another one said. ‘Guess they want to lose all their viewers. Good one Channel Nine’. That’s what someone else said.”

“‘Casting has hit a new low if they hire him.’ These people are all fat and brain dead by the way,” Kyle hit back.


“‘What would that fat thing know about relationships?’ Well can’t argue with that one, that’s pretty spot on.”

Wow, harsh!

We have to say though, it’s not like the current MAFS experts are popular. There’s even been petitions in the past to have them quit the show! So maybe this is just further proof that Kyle would fit right in..?

Head Kyle reading out all the haters comments in the podcast below!