The other day we wrote a story about the rise of the menstrual cup and the benefits that come with using one.

It. Went. BALISTIC. Why? Because they’re awesome for the environment, can be worn for up to 10 hours without changing and are leak-resistant! Amazing right?

Suddenly after reading the article, everyone started getting excited about this pad and tampon alternative and we knew we had to get one in to show Kyle.

The lovely folks at Lunette sent two over and we asked Kyle what he thought about it on air.

See the VERY funny video below…

Now see what some of the guys around the KIIS office think of the menstrual cup.


“There’s things that shouldn’t go together- Ice Cream and meat, TV and the Kardashians and cups and the word menstrual” – Manny

“If it was more convenient for my girlfriend, it’s not an issue for me – I’m very surprised that everyone who has used it swear by it.” – Xachary

“Wouldn’t care if my partner used one. Don’t really need to know anything about what goes on with all of that. Can’t imagine it would be very comfortable, & I refuse to allow myself to think about the whole ‘washing it out’ process.” – Rodney

“It’s kinda gross. Although if I were a woman I would try it. There seems to be a few women coming out saying how good it is.” – Wilson


“I don’t want to think about putting it in or taking it out – or cleaning it out. I just don’t want to think about it!” – Dixon

*Names have been changed to save embarrassment

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