Families can be tough sometimes and everyone has their own issues going on, but if there’s one thing Kyle wants everyone to know it’s the importance of moving on and creating peace with your loved ones.

Kyle opened up about mending his relationship with his own family while speaking with Samantha Markle this morning, who we know has been dealing with numerous family issues involving her sister Meghan Markle.

From the outside looking in, it’s hard to know what really went down to cause such a rift between Meghan Markle and her family.

But no matter what happened, Meghan’s sister Samantha is adamant that it can’t be fixed at this point, no matter how badly her and her family wish that it could be.

Samantha told Kyle and Jackie O this morning that Meghan’s entire family would like nothing more than to get along and be part of each others lives. But she thinks things have gone on this way for far too long to change now.

“Where would you like to see all of this end? Would you like to see the family all come back together?” Kyle asked Samantha this morning. “Do you ever see you all sitting down to a meal together and this is all in the past? Or do you think that’s impossible.”

“Honestly, human beings are capable of going to the moon and ding so much, so while I’d like to say, ‘Yeah that would be nice’, on the flip side I don’t think that that’s possible given that there was so much malice,” Samantha told us this morning.


“There was so much attacking when it could have been so simply nipped in the bud. We could’ve been all playing footsies under the table.”

Kyle himself knows better than anyone how important closure can be for a family, telling Samantha about how thankful he was to be able to mend his relationship with his own father before he passed away.

“I don’t want your dad to pass and Meghan not to have made some sort of effort to sort of mend the fences,” Kyle began.

“I had to mend fences in my own family with my parents years back and my dad’s passed on now but if I hadn’t have done it I would have regretted it my entire life.”

Samantha agreed, but sadly she doesn’t think that this will ever happen for her own father and Meghan.

“Yeah exactly, and you know I don’t think the public really got it,” Samantha said about her own father Thomas Markle.


“He was almost a single dad to her most of her life, gave her everything… and being a dad that is that loving, this of course has been very hurtful and so my whole thing has been, it’s really not right for him to die without any closure.

“I don’t think any father out there would be thinking this is cool.”

Family really is one of the most important things and so we do hope that at some point the Markle’s can sort out all of their issues and move on.

You can hear more from our chat with Samantha Markle in the podcast below.

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