To celebrate the launch of the all-new KIIS Thunderbirds, Kyle has reflected upon the years he spent chasing his dream of becoming a radio broadcaster.

Widely regarded as the King of radio in Australia (and the world, even!) he’s come a long way from his younger years as a wide-eyed radio fan.

Kyle has fond memories of spotting the street team from his favourite station out and about the town which only enriched his love for radio.

“I remember before I was even in radio, one of the great loves of mine was to hear on the radio where the ‘thunders’ were… It was a way I could touch someone from the radio rather than just hearing,” he recalled.

“I just loved it – it sounds so simple, but I just loved it!” 


So it’s little wonder why the launch of the KIIS Thunderbirds is particularly exciting for Kyle.

“This is a rebirth of old, great radio,” he remarked.

“It’s going to be brilliant!”

But of course, before we launched the cars, they needed the Kyle tick of approval… Check out his first test drive in the video below!


You’ll be able to spot the KIIS Thunderbird fleet cruising around the streets of Sydney with some epic giveaways!

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