Ahh Peter you’ve done it again…If there’s one thing you don’t want to do during a show, it’s interrupt Kyle during a song that he’s vibing.

So what did our very loveable but slightly clueless Intern Pete do today? While Kyle was rocking out to a song that he chose to put on air, Empire State Of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys (btw what a banger, good choice Kyle), Pete kept buzzing into the studio, interrupting the song.

And of course, this inevitably sent Kyle on a rampage. He waited until the perfect moment to attack and boy did he get Pete back GOOD!

His plan was two-fold. First off Kyle decided to take out his anger by marching out of the studio with a full glass of water as his weapon of choice. He walked straight up to Peter and threw the water all over him (And our Assistant Content Director Richie, who was NOT happy…oopps).

But this vengeance wasn’t enough for Kyle. He wanted more. And so when the song ended and he went on air, Kyle decided to go after the one thing that Pete loves more than anything. His social media following.


“Well that song was ruined for me. I played it because I wanted to hear it,” said Kyle. “And annoying Intern Pete kept chiming in on the intercom…I asked Pete, ‘stop talking’, and he was like, ‘oh I’m sorry am I interrupting the music’, so I had to go out and how water in his face.”

Pete said that he was only carrying on so much because he was dealing with a lot of ‘hoo ha backend’ as he called it, after Jackie unfollowed him on Instagram. Apparently Pete’s constant posts about his fitness regime were getting too much for Jackie.

This drew a lightbulb for Kyle as he realised that he had found the perfect punishment for Intern Pete.

“I appeal to everyone, if you’re following Intern Pete, give him an unfollow,” said Kyle. “Unfollow the clown.”

And well, Pete was far from happy when listeners started actually doing it! Watch the whole argument unfold in the video above!

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